Congratulations you’ve just graduated, but what do you do next?

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You’ve just graduated; it’s time to step out into the big wide world, but where do you start? How can you stand out from the rest? What skill sets have you acquired? What kind of company do you want to work for?

As the next chapter of your life begins, there are many things to consider. It can be daunting and frustrating; so we’ve outlined some key points to support you in your journey into the working world.



First, create a strong LinkedIn profile that outlines your qualifications and skillset and gives a summary of who you are, what you are looking for, and your aspirations.

Try and network with as many people as possible; the LinkedIn community is excellent in recommending and linking you up with potential opportunities.

Find out more here on creating or amending your LinkedIn profile.


Perfect Job

It is unusual to walk straight into your perfect job immediately (though not impossible). Sometimes, applying for a temporary position to help immerse yourself into the working environment can be a lot easier without the additional pressure. Another positive aspect of working in a temporary position is that it could lead to bigger and better things in the future! This way, you can start gaining experience and a salary and have time to research and understand the roles you may wish to align yourself with in the future.



We have all done it with our CVs, highlighting a skill set that may feel important to us such as time management and being a good communicator. However, tailoring your skillset to the role at hand is essential, as it allows the employer to see that you are a better fit for the position than your competitors.  Make sure your cover letter mimics your CV!



Getting caught up in applying for every opportunity available is easy. However, this takes time and can also generate a lot of disappointment. Take your time researching the role thoroughly, making sure the company is the right fit for you, your experience and skills.  Do your research on the company via the social media business channels, their website, and even on the Companies House website to make sure that the company you decide to engage with is financially healthy and can offer progression and growth.


Don’t Give Up!

Job hunting can sometimes knock your confidence; you may go for many interviews without being offered a position immediately; following the steps above and connecting with a well-established recruitment company will help you on your career path in a stress-free way.

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