National Sickie Day

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In homage to National Sickie Day we have complied our top 5 excuses from candidates for not attending their new jobs, interviews and temporary assignments;

  1. I can’t find my shoes
  2. I haven’t had time to prepare for the interview because it was my friend’s birthday so I went to the pub instead
  3. Now I’m running late I don’t want to go because I’m too stressed
  4. I can’t go to the interview as my tinder date from last week works there
  5. Bad hair day – my makeup and hair and have gone wrong so I’ll be in later

Needless to say none of these excuses went down to well with our clients!!

So if you’re one of the estimated 350,000 workers who have called in on a sickie day today – contact us on 01372 237 788 and we’ll help your find that new job that’ll mean you’re not dreaming up excuses to get out of work!

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