Starting a new job? Here’s our top tips for making that all important first impression!

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We all know that first impressions count and starting in a new job is no different! Here’s our top 4 tip’s on making a good impression when you start your new role…

1). Punctuality – Sounds obvious but starting your new career with excuses about the traffic or delayed trains is never going to look good. We all know that these are facts of life but if the traffic is bad every morning, leave earlier! Constantly running in late each day will soon wear thin.

2). Dress Code – Going smartly dressed to an interview is considered the norm for most but things can get muddled when starting a new role. Even if the interviewer was casual, be sure to dress smartly for your first day then you can establish the dress code and go from there. If in doubt, suit up! If the first impression your new colleagues get is a professional one, that can’t be a bad thing!

3). Attendance – This a tricky one as no-one plans on being ill (or wants to be!) but it does happen. The best thing to do in these situations, where possible, is to go into work and get sent hone – that way your employer can be in no doubt it’s genuine. For anything where this isn’t an option, you are best to call through early and notify your manager and stay in touch during the day with updates on how your feeling. Keeping the lines of communication open is key – one text in the morning and then no contact until you walk back through the door in a couple of days later is a big no no.

4) Performance – This isn’t a surprise, but going the extra mile will always make a good impression. When learning the ropes of a new role and receiving training, you’re taking on so much information that the end of the day swings round quickly so the chances of procrastination are slim but be sure to go that extra mile and not clock watch. Assisting your colleagues or staying those extra 5 minutes at the end of the day to complete a task is always noted.

Although all this seems the norm, it all goes a long way to ensuring your complete your probationary period successfully and have the foundations to build an excellent career!

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