Want to attract the best employees? First Impressions Count!

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The job market is candidate driven with demand outstripping supply.  Good candidates are in short supply and are going off the market within days.

At Optima Recruitment we ensure we present our candidates with every opportunity to find their ideal role.  We arrange and set up multiple interviews and let our candidates lead their search based on the companies they like best.

For companies hiring, spending 30 minutes with a candidate on a first stage (often remote interview) isn’t cutting it anymore. One sided interviews and testing are (and have been for some time) extremely off putting.  Other hirers aren’t doing that. They spend time getting to know the candidate, pitching the perks of the company, selling the role, and getting the candidates to buy in to the company.

First impressions count. On both sides. The fight for top talent is real.

If you want the best candidates in your organisation then setting yourself up for success by investing in the process from the initial call is key.

If you’re struggling to secure talent speak to us.  The industry is evolving at a rapid rate and we ALL need to ensure we keep up!

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