Tips for a Successful Video Interview

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Staying safe and healthy is the most important thing for all of us at the moment.

For those seeking work it is likely that the recruitment process will include a video interview, using one of the following remote meeting platforms; Skype, Zoom, MS Teams.

We’ve seen a trend towards online interviews for some time, but social distancing has made this option more popular than ever.

As a job seeker, online interviews can be daunting, so we’ve put together some tips on video interviews;

  • Test your technology

Do a technical trial run to make sure your equipment is working properly.  Download any apps or plugins that you might need and make sure that your username is professional!

Test your camera, microphone and internet connection and do a trial run with a friend (so you have plenty of time to adjust your set up if necessary).

Finally make sure your device is fully charged and avoid using a smartphone where possible.

  • Dress for success

Dress appropriately for the interview, make sure you are presentable. First impressions count, even if they are on camera.

  • Set the scene

Choose a quiet place for your video interview where you are unlikely to get interrupted or distracted.

Turn off emails, text and social media alerts and make sure that your background is presentable (with no embarrassing items on show!)

  • Do your research / preparation

Just as you would for a traditional interview, prepare in advance.

Research the company and check their social media feeds (this will give you a feel for the culture and environment).

Make sure you have a good understanding of the job description.

You may want to refresh yourself on common interview questions (see our guide) and think of examples / scenarios to illustrate your answers.  Providing examples makes you more credible and is more interesting for the interviewers.

Prepare questions for the end of the interview, it will demonstrate genuine interest and enthusiasm.  You can always write questions as you go along during a video interview and ask them at the end.

  • Be prepared

Print out your CV along with the job description and any notes you’ve made from doing your research (although you don’t want to look like you’re reading from a script, it can be handy to have them close by.)  Also have a pen and blank paper at the ready to make notes.

  • Arrive 10 minutes early

Remember it can take time to join a video call.  Dial in at least 5 minutes in advance.  You don’t want to be late!

  • Be Professional

We are used to using video calls in a social context but remember this is professional.  Be aware of your language, behaviour and body language.

  • Be Engaged

Good interpersonal skills are a main requirement for most jobs, so make sure that yours come across during the interview.  When listening, nod and smile to show you are engaged. Make good eye contact throughout and use your hands to communicate (if that’s what you normally do).

  • Etiquette

Remember that digital connections can sometimes be delayed.  To avoid talking over the interviewer of having your first few words cut out, let the interviewer finish the question and then pause for a few seconds before giving your answer.  It is even more important in a video interview to really listen to the questions being asked and not anticipate.

  • Closing the interview

Just as you would with a ‘normal’ interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity and let them know if you’re interested.

If you need any help with your recruitment, setting up online video interviews or with your job search please get in touch with the team.  We are here to support you.

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