Mental Health in the work place

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Mental health affects 1 in 4 people in the UK each year. Covid 19 has affected all of us in so many different ways and with the country slowly easing its way back to normality, taking time to prioritise your mental health is as important as ever.

Whilst facilities such as the gym opening back up, lots of us might be focusing on getting fitter and summer ready but its imperative to have the same attitude when it comes to keeping your mind healthy.

Work can be an integral part of making us feel good about ourselves and giving us a sense of purpose, but for some it can also have a negative effect on mental health. To cope with the stresses of work and overcoming what life can throw at us, it is important to stay in touch with our mental health.

As we return to the office, here are some of the ways to boost your mental health at work:

Lets talk:

Whether you’re working from home, or returning to the office, talking with your colleagues can really make a difference. Most of us spend more time with colleagues than our friends and family in the average day so chatting through any issues can really help. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say!

Eat and drink well:

We all know that what we eat and drink can affect how we feel both immediately and in the longer term. The 3pm doughnut from the snack table always seem like a good idea but the sugar crash at 4pm is never worth it! A good diet that benefits your physical health is also good for your mental health.

Stay active:

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins! We all know about them but the simple truth is taking regular exercise can really help boost your mental health, sleep and general well-being. A wander in the sun at lunch or gym visit before or after work can really help boost how you feel.

Maintain your relationships:

The ideal scenario for most of us is working in a supportive, inclusive team who all get along. Unfortunately life can sometimes get in the way and cause tension so if things do breakdown at work its important to have a friend or trusted work colleague with whom you can share your feelings and can help you work through any challenges you experience in your workplace.

Do what you love!

And finally, enjoy yourself! Having fun is an excellent way to combat stress. Taking up a hobby or past time that your passionate about gives an outlet to be yourself. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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