Improve your prospects during the pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has turned the business world upside down. Whether you’re facing new challenges on the job or are still trying to make progress on your search during the outbreak, we’re here to help.

Here are some practical tips on what you can be doing to improve your prospects right now:

Get your CV into shape – take a look at our helpful guide Steps to writing a successful CV.pdf

Register and stay in touch, we’re expecting to be busier than ever when restrictions are lifted.  Make sure you’re ahead of the game by sending us your updated CV along with a brief outline or what you’re looking for.

Take the time to brush up your skills.  There are lots of free online training courses available. Alternatively, you might like to consider undertaking a professional qualification, in our experience accountancy and marketing are high on employers wish lists.

Prepare for video interviews.  Even before the pandemic and social distancing measures were put into place skype and zoom interviews were increasingly being used.  Make sure you are registered to use both apps and practise your technique. Our guide to video interviews will follow shortly, but for now some obvious tips.

Make sure your technology is working and your device is fully charged

Practice doing a video interview with a friend

Prepare your surroundings – are they appropriate?

Look the part – you still need to impress!

Avoid any potential interruptions

Look at the camera and not the screen

Be aware of your body language

Prepare for similar questions to the ones you would normally get during a traditional interview – Common Interview Questions.pdf

Relax and enjoy it!

Please do feel free to contact us on 01372 237788 or for further information / advice.

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