5 Top Tips for a Successful Interview…

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We’ve all been there – once the excitement of securing the interview subsides, the sweaty palms and butterflies kick in along with nerves. You really want the job and are determined to shine in the interview so here’s Optima’s top 5 tips on how to make your interview a successful one;

  • Make sure you are prepared – research the company and job role in detail;

Research is the name of the game! Knowing a minimum of 3 or 4 key facts about the company and key elements of the job role is essential. An interview isn’t an exam so feel free to make notes and take them with you in a smart folder but ideally you will be able to answer the questions; “What do you know about the company?” or “What do you know about the job role?” without hesitation.

  • Dress smartly – shine those shoes!

It’s an obvious one but still goes a long way with prospective employers. This rule may change for different sectors and job roles but general rule for the Commercial industry is the smarter the better. Ideally a suit (make sure to wear the suit jacket), top button done up and tie on for the gents, smart suit or dress equivalent for the ladies. And make sure those shoes are polished!

  • Plan your journey;

There is nothing worse than being late to an interview (there is never a second chance to make a first impression) so plan your journey – even do a dummy run beforehand if possible. Knowing where you are going takes the stress out of getting to the interview and allows you to focus completely on what’s ahead.

  • Know your CV like the back of your hand;

Although your CV is your own history (so of course you know it!) be sure that you are aware of all those interests and skills listed. Potential employers will have looked thoroughly through your CV to invite you in to interview and are bound to have questions regarding past roles, reasons for leaving and your skill set.

  • Finally, Be Confident!

Easier said than done but confidence really is key! Sitting up straight, looking your interviewer in the eye and giving them a solid handshake at the beginning and end goes a long way. Basic skills that we all know are important, but essential.

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