3 ways to maximise your job search…

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Whether you are looking for a complete change in career, a step up the ladder or are just starting out in the job market, there are certain tricks and tips to help you find the right job and get noticed by your dream employer.

  • Get the basics right – the first step to looking for a new job is to ensure your CV is accurate and up to date. Although the prospect of getting your CV sorted can be a laborious one, it’s well worth spending the time on. Your CV represents you and will be your ticket for getting interviews so be sure it reflects your skills, what you have achieved and where you want to be going.


  • Register with Agencies – Agencies are in touch with hundreds of companies and know who is looking for staff and when. A lot of companies only use agencies to recruit so by registering you are being given potential access to jobs you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Also, recruitment consultants are helping people find jobs constantly so utilise their skills and advice. Like anyone who works in a professionalism, they know what they are doing and having someone with those contacts and skill sets in your corner can only be a good thing.


  • Keep it professional – this might sound like such an obvious thing, but trust us – it’s not!! We deal with A LOT of people looking for jobs on a daily basis and there is nothing more off-putting than a silly voicemail / email address. Although your email of ‘rudegal’ or ‘wildthing’ may have been hilarious at the time, they really don’t add anything to your professional profile. By the same token, ensure that you actually have a voicemail set up and that you listen to your messages – if someone is going to contact you for an interview they will only hold that slot open for a limited time and having a voicemail will ensure that message gets to you – otherwise that opportunity will move on to the next person on the list.
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